How to Use This Website

The video lessons presented within this website are intended to supplement classroom instruction and practice.  Students should check with their teacher for corresponding practice activities that coincide with each lesson.

Selecting a Chapter and Topic

Each chapter in the heading at the top includes a list of topics covered within that chapter for which there is a video webpage.  Students should click on the current chapter in which their class is working, and should then click on the lesson topics for which they would like additional instruction.

Students should watch all videos presented under the grammar topic they choose.  Although there may be some overlap in information among lessons within a topic, each video presents some new material that students need to know.  Watching only one video within a lesson will not give students a thorough understanding of the topic.

For Parents

The topics presented under each chapter are presented in the order in which they are taught within the textbook.  Students will benefit most from reading the text-based presentation of grammar topics in the textbook and then watching the corresponding video for that particular topic.  Parents can use the activities located within the textbook as a resource for student practice.